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Flagyl (Metronidazole) is an antiprotozoal and antimicrobial medical product of the broad-spectrum pharmacological action. It shows a highly active antibacterial, trichomonicidal, antiulcer, antialcohol action and copes with a wide range of bacterial infections. The antibacterial action includes only anaerobic morbific microorganisms which quickly yield to the treatment and are not a serious problem.

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Mechanism of action

A mechanism of the action of antibiotic metronidazole is characterized by the interaction of the active components of the drug with DNA cells of the microorganisms. As a result of this, the inhibition of the synthesis of the nucleic acids and leads to the death of bacteria. The affecting element of the drug occurs only inside the bacteria and this allows to increase the efficiency of the treatment and the faster achievement of therapeutic effect.

This antimicrobial drug is active as for Trichomonasvaginalis, Entamoebahistolytica, Gardnerellavaginalis, Giardiaintestinalis, Lambliaspp, and also some other anaerobes sensitive to the active component of the medication.

This drug is not effective in the treatment of aerobic bacteria, and therefore its use is unreasonable in this case.

Directions for the use

  • protozoal infections
  • trichomonas vaginitis and urethritis in women
  • lambliasis
  • intestinal and abenteric amebiasis
  • anaerobic infections of bones and joints, brain, skin and skin structure
  • anaerobic sepsis
  • acne erythematosus
  • meningitis, brain and lung abscess
  • gastritis or duodenal ulcer connected with Helicobacter pylori
  • alcoholism
  • prevention of post-operational infections

This is not a complete list of diseases that are treatable by this highly effective antimicrobial remedy. However, each diagnosis needs a proper study and only then it is possible to prescribe adequate therapy.

Uses and dosage

Before the treatment patients should have all laboratory analyses to find out the type of microorganisms that cause disease. Depending on the severity of the disease, its duration, and growth of bacteria a health care provider will prescribe individual metronidazole dose which will optimally cope with infection in your clinical case.

  • The minimal daily dose for adults and children older than 12 years old is 1 tablet of metronidazole 250 mg 2 times per day within 10 days
  • If the second course is needed, the dose can be increased by two times and taken 2 times a day (one tablet of metronidazole 500 mg)
  • It is necessary to take a break for 3-4 weeks between courses and have second control laboratory tests
  • Children at the age from 2 to 10 are prescribed the dosage individually depending on the age, weigh of a child and his/her health condition
  • Each tablet must be taken orally during or after meals with a glass of liquid (water, milk, juice). In the case of trichomoniasis, women are recommended to use vaginal suppositories.
  • It is strictly not recommended to exceed the indicated daily dose as this may cause unwanted body reactiothatn as well as severe allergy.

Contraindications for the use

Purchase metronidazole and its use are possible in case of the absence of serious contraindications for use. If you have been diagnosed with any conditions prohibited the use of this remedy in the course of the studies, it is recommended to replace this drug with another one but of identical action.

  • This drug is contraindicated in case of leucopenia, organic affections of the central nervous system, epilepsy, hepatic failure, hypersensitivity to the components included in the medication
  • This medication is prohibited during pregnancy and in the period of the first term. It is possible to take the drug during the 2-3d terms only under the medical supervision and after approval of the doctor.
  • Some components of the drug pass through the breast milk of the feeding mother, and that is why it is necessary to use the bottle-feeding of a child.

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