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Keflex 500mg Antibiotic

Keflex belongs to a broad-spectrum semisynthetic group of antibiotics,  The drug is usually used to treat:

  • Respiratory tracts disorders such as bronchitis, pneumonia, abscess of lungs, pleuritis);
  • Urinary system disorders such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, vulvovaginitis, endometritis;
  • Ear, nose, and throat disorders  (otitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc.);
  • Skin infections ( phlegmon, pyoderma, abscess, furunculosis);

Keflex Dosage

The Keflex antibiotic is prescribed individually depending on your health condition, type of infection, and your age. The dosage is calculated basing on your body weight. Visit your doctor to receive a recommendation before taking Keflex.


Patients having allergic reactions to Penicillin should be very careful taking Keflex, because of polyvalent allergy development danger.
For patients with a pathology of kidneys, a Keflex dose should be reduced because of a drug cumulative effect risk.
Keflex penetrates into breast milk, that is why it is highly recommended to terminate breastfeeding for a while.


Intolerance to Cefalexin and antibiotics of a penicillin group, considering the possibility of polyvalent allergy.

Keflex Side Effects

Keflex side effects may include: dyspepsia, diarrhea, seldom or never – pseudomembranous colitis.
Other side effects: weakness, tremor, giddiness, allergic reactions.

Drug interaction

It is not recommended to use Keflex together with bacteriostatic action antibiotics.
Be careful to take Keflex antibiotic simultaneously with nephrotoxic drugs (aminoglycosides, polymyxin) and loop diuretics (ethacrynic acid, furosemide).

Missed Dose

If you forgot to take Keflex pill, do not try to compensate it with an increased dose. Simply skip it and wait until the next intake.


Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are probable symptoms of overdose. Contact your healthcare provider in case of experiencing such symptoms.

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