Complications Of Strep Throat

Strep throat is not a severe condition, but it may have some severe complications. They represent other infections, like the following:


  • Infection of the ear
  • Scarlet fever (a rash – form of a disease)
  • Tonsillitis or peritonsillar abscess (a pus collection around your tonsils)

Other possible complications are rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis, which is an inflammation of the kidneys.

Rheumatic fever generates nodules in the muscles, skin, and articulations. The nodules caused by this disorder are inflammatory deposits and may also appear on the heart muscle, on the endocardium and, frequently, on the heart valves. The scarring produced by the nodules may alter the normal circulation of the blood through the heart. Sometimes this damage may be reparable by means of surgery but there are situations in which it is irreversible and may result in heart failure. But the Americans are at low risk for one of the serious possible complications of strep throat, indicate the statistics.


A sore throat is one such complication that may clear itself within few days of the infection. But for strep throat, there are medicals treatments that are given for the treatment of this infection. These are given because if proper medical treatment is not given to any person the strep would definitely aggravate into other parts of the body thus can cause serious damages to the body. These complications can be heart valve dysfunction, fever, chills and kidney infections.

Streptococcus bacteria at times was life-threatening too before the penicillin antibiotic was discovered. There are many other specific treatments too, which are given now a day that can prove worthwhile in treating sore throat in a person.

It is very important to understand for everyone that strep and sore throat are two different things that we are talking about. A sore throat is caused by a virus while strep throat is caused by the streptococcus bacteria. The strep throat complications are usually intense; there can be swelling of a throat, extreme fatigue, fever, cough, enlargement of lymph nodes and tonsils. A sore throat can improve on its own but for strep throat proper medical treatment is necessary.

The state of illness during strep throat can last for a longer time. Gradually this can increase other problems in your body. If strep throat is left untreated there can be scarlet fever, otitis, and tonsillitis in the throat. These infections can turn into really serious ones if they are not treated well on time. Once the infection weakens a person’s immune system this can lead to many other disorders and infections in your body. Remember one more thing the strep throat is a contagious disease and can spread to another person.

There is a clinical test that can easily distinguish between the strep throat and the sore throat disorder. These tests can easily tell you whether it is a bacterial infection or a viral infection. By measuring the body temperature and other aspects doctors can easily tell which kind of infection patient is suffering from.

Strep throat can be easily identified with lot other types of a laboratory test in the body. There are few other tests done just to verify the type and nature of the infection. If the bacteria Streptococcus has affected the body then be sure that antibiotics would be given along with some other types of medicinal treatments.

There are many types of side effects that these antibiotics may cause in your body, just considering this fact doctor may try not to give you antibiotics if the bacterial effect is low in the body. There are chances that the symptoms shown might be intense then there are chances that doctors might prescribe amoxicillin and penicillin antibiotics.

The antibiotic treatments need to be continued for around 10 days in order to get full relief from the infection. It is also important to follow all the indications given by doctor just to allow the full effect of antibiotics on your body. There are chances that the symptoms may come back if proper treatment is not taken.

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