Nasty Bacterias That Causes Bladder and Kidney Infection

Common bacterial which causes kidney infection are E.coli or known medically as Escherichia Coli. E.coli was found as the cause of kidney infection and also urinary tract infection in 60% of all cases. Other bacteria such as Proteus, Klebsiella, Enterococcus, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus Saprophyticus are also common causes of kidney infection.

Escherichia coli: is a germ that mainly causes diarrhea and also severe cramps, which then causes bloody diarrhea. The infection of E Coli is very common especially during the summer months and the symptoms tend to be more critical in children compared to an adult.

Klebsiella: Klebsiella is a good bacterium which lives inside us and considered part of our normal lifestyle and health. Klebsiella lives inside our colon and the main purpose is to keep the colon healthy. But if once Klebsiella manages to escape from guts, it will potentially urn into a very harmful bacteria.

Proteus: This bacterium is also a good bacterium which lives in our intestinal tract and part of our healthy body system.

Enterococcus: Enterococcus normally could be found in human and animal feces, and are common cause of urinary tract infection and other infection such as meningitis and bacteremia (bloodstream infection)

Pseudomonas: Pseudomonas normally lives in soil and also in the marsh land. They are prone to the antibiotic as well. Pseudomonas normally infects the patient who uses indwelling catheters and causes sepsis and urinary tract infection.

Staphylococcus: Staphylococcus is a group of bacteria bunch together and causes illness directly as a result of infection.

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